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Programme en Bref

ESCA Ecole de Management et l'IAV Hassan II proposent le MBA, une formation de haut niveau orientée vers le management.

Ce programme riche en apports conceptuels et pratiques vous permet d'acquérir une vision globale de l'entreprise, une ouverture sur l'international et vous offre des interactions avec un corps professoral international de haut niveau. 

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Profil du lauréat

Le programme s’adresse aux managers, responsables et cadres supérieurs désireux d’élargir le champ de leurs compétences, d’évoluer vers des fonctions plus larges et de se familiariser avec les enjeux de la compétition internationale.
Programme accessible à partir de 4 ans d’expérience.
esca laureat mba iav


  • 1 année

Date de démarrage

  • décembre 1, 2023


  • Français

Why choose this program

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Structure du programme

Stratégie des Organisations
Comptabilité Managériale
Management Stratégique
Transformation Digitale des Organisations
Finance d’Entreprise
Gestion des Ressources Humaines
Globalisation, Géopolitique & Géoéconomie
Prise de décision
Marketing Stratégique
Management des Opérations & des Projets
Stratégie & Management International
Éthique & RSE
Management Interculturel & Conduite du changement
Management de l’Innovation
Stratégie Juridique & Fiscale
Stratégie Achats

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Faculty specific to this program

Nos lauréats témoignent

Nurul Jannah SHAUL HAMED

The one thing I will truly cherish from ESCA are the friends I made here. The local students have been very welcoming and forthcoming since Day 1 that I step foot onto Moroccan shores. It shows the warm Moroccan culture. I’ve been blessed to have been invited by their families for meals and occasional ‘hangouts’. Indeed one can never get the true experience if one does not step foot into a local’s home! Being a very small campus, has also proven to be a blessing. It makes it easier for us to meet one another along the corridor, always being greeted by smiles and chats from familiar faces.

Singapore Management University (Singapour)

Isabelle SPIKER

A semester abroad provides a unique insight into people’s everyday life and I wanted to use this opportunity to get to know a culture that is distinctively different from mine. Morocco, being politically stable, offers a unique chance to enjoy food made of almonds, date, puff pastry and couscous, the profound connection of men and landscape, the presence of the Muslim belief, the beauty of Arab architecture and the history of travel and trade. It furthermore features natural beauty of its diverse landscapes as well as various touristic hot spot cities. Besides, the omnipresence of hassle and trade is very interesting from an economical point of view.

Augsburg University (Allemagne)


I chose to do my semester abroad in Morocco because of three reasons: First due to the unique chance to practice several languages at the same time. Native speakers from all over the world are studying at ESCA, but even the Moroccans themselves are speaking two different languages. I have a lot of opportunities to practice: It’s definitively fun to learn a language! Furthermore I wanted to experience a completely different culture- what I certainly did here. It’s not only that classmates and teachers are extremely friendly. Even people I am meeting on the streets are always offering help and are truly open-minded. As Casablanca’s inhabitants are including us in their daily life, I had the chance to get to know a lot of local traditions and practices. The third reason why I chose Morocco was ESCA’s excellent reputation. Small working groups allow an intensive increase of knowledge and are offering a unique opportunity for discussions. Students at ESCA also have the chance to profit from professors with international backgrounds. They are brilliant role models, sharing their experiences in various fields of expertise.

Augsburg University (Allemagne)


Mon choix s’est fixé sur ESCA Ecole de Management, d’une part, j’ai été motivé par la localisation de l’école étant basée à Casablanca. Et d’autre part, j’ai été impressionné par le programme de formation qui est similaire à celui de ma faculté au Canada. Le Maroc est impressionnant, j’ai pu visiter plusieurs endroits époustouflants, presque chaque week end, nous faisions des sorties avec les amis de la classe. Ainsi, j’ai pu visiter Marrakech, Tanger, Fès…J’ai surfé à Taghazout, à Dakhla. Enfin, j’ai constaté que les marocains sont les plus hospitaliers dans le monde.

UVIC- University of Victoria (Canada)

Sohail Mohamed NAROT

Having chosen ESCA in Casablanca Morocco for my exchange semester was one of the best decisions I have made in life. The quality of education we experienced there was really great and familiar. We felt like home and after a short time we were part of ESCA. In general the Moroccan culture is great. Experiencing the great hospitality and the easy way of life enriched my stay in Casablanca. Thank you for giving me the opportunity for such a great time.

Augsburg-University (Allemagne)

Victoria Langone Fabiano

« …My time in Morocco was incredible. Myself and roughly 30 other Stern students spent November 23rd – 29th in Morocco, the first 4 days in Casablanca and the following 3 days in Marrakesh. To prepare us for the trip, we had a pre-departure assignment to summarize the current economic status of Morocco, so we had at least had a foundation before we were immersed in the classroom. While in Casablanca, we attended lectures at ESCA, learning the history of Morocco, the political environment and the economic future of the country. We also learned quite a bit outside the classroom. While in Casablanca we had a guided city tour, visited the Hassan II Mosque, ate at authentic restaurants and toured a local company, Lesieur Cristal, an Agro-Industrial manufacturer. While in Marrakesh, we explored the Djemaa-El-Fnaa souk, visited a candle-making factory and watched artisans hand-craft wooden goods. While taking classes and experiencing the culture in Morocco, I was keeping in mind the final assignment we had ti complete. We had been broken up into teams before the trip commenced, and were assigned to strategize how to increase business between Morocco & USA, according to the free trade agreement. Each team had to represent a North American company for an implementation in Morocco or North Africa. My group was able to think strategically about the problem and recommend a relevant and thoughtful solution since we had spent time in the country first-hand. Through this DBi, I not only learned more about North Africa, but made new friends both from Stern and ESCA, experienced a completely different culture and way of doing business and most importantly, learned more about myself. Since I’m graduating next May, I will not be attending another DBi, but I will be taking two operations courses: one in Las Vegas in January and one in Panama over Spring Break. I can’t wait to share those with you! »

NYU Stern School of Business, MBA 2015

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