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Groupe de Recherche Investissement & Finance (GRIF)

The Investment and Finance Research Group is dedicated to exploring the dynamic landscape of finance and investment within the burgeoning eco-system of Casablanca Finance City. Focusing on key aspects such as Fintech, Portfolio Investment, Foreign Direct Investment, and Corporate Finance, the research group also delves into cutting-edge subjects like AI, Machine Learning, and other emerging technologies that are reshaping capital markets, banking and insurance. By examining the intersection of traditional finance practices and technological advancements, the group aims to contribute valuable insights to the evolving financial eco-system of Africa.


Uniting expertise and innovation to lead the future of investment and finance in the African context.


The Investment and Finance Research Group investigates a variety of characteristics and mechanisms of investing and financing in the African context, with emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance principles, corporate strategies, corporate financial performance, and risk as they relate to emerging technologies impacting the industry such as AI and Machine Learning. This Research Group will also focus on finance and investment activities as they relate to ESCA eco-system in Casablanca Finance City.

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  • Investigate and analyze Fintech trends and their implications for the financial sector in Casablanca Finance City.
  • Explore Portfolio Investment strategies tailored to the African market dynamics.
  • Assess the impact of Foreign Direct Investment on local economies and businesses.
  • Examine Corporate Finance practices with a focus on sustainable and responsible approaches.
  • Study the role of Banking in the evolving financial landscape of the African continent.
  • Investigate financial project management as well as financial supply-chain management.
  • Investigate the integration of AI, Machine Learning, and other emerging technologies in finance and investment.
  • Provide actionable insights and recommendations for industry stakeholders, policymakers, and businesses operating in the Casablanca Finance City eco-system.

Past events:

ESCA Ecole de Management, in partnership with Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

The ESCA Ecole de Management had the honor of hosting the prestigious Afrimed Finance Society 2023 (AFS 2023) conference on July 19 and 20, in collaboration with Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina. Under the theme "Building Resilience in Emerging Markets: The Role of Corporate Governance and Sustainability", this conference brought together thought leaders, academics and professionals from around the world.

Over two days, participants explored the dynamics of emerging markets through parallel sessions, panel discussions and keynote speeches, focusing on topics such as carbon impact, mergers and acquisitions, ESG strategies, and the challenges specific to the African continent.

The first day featured parallel sessions on various themes such as Carbon, ESG, Social Issues, Banking, Judge Ideology, and Carbon Disclosure. The second day continued with discussions on Supply Chain Management, Asset Pricing and Challenges specific to Africa. One of the highlights was the panel discussion on “Catalyzing ESG Climate Finance and Innovation: A Growth and Resilience Agenda for Africa & Emerging Countries.” The conference concluded with a “Meet the Editors” panel, providing valuable interaction with leading journal editors.

The AFS 2023 conference at ESCA Ecole de Management was not only a focal point for sharing knowledge and best practices, but also reinforced our commitment to sustainable and resilient business practices in emerging markets. This event highlighted the critical role of academic institutions in shaping the future of global finance and sustainability, aligning with our mission to develop leaders who can navigate the complexity of the global business landscape.


Mohamed Bouamama

Youssef Saida

Anouar Hasbaoui

Tariq Rachid 

Amine Mounir

Nabil ADEL