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97th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development -

97th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development - Modern technologies and innovative concepts in the function of promoting cultural heritage


Sustainable develοpment is the result of the evaluation of the impacts of economic models, particularly industrial ones, on the environment and society in general. Thus, for several authors such as Vaillancourt (1990), sustainable development is a cry from those who work for the protection of the environment and who support the vision that any real economic development must not destroy the environment in the long, medium or short term. It is in this perspective that several authors propοse, support and defend a conscientious management of natural resources and recommend the conservation of heritages from one generation to the next in an undegraded state (AUBRY and RAU, 1997). Sustainable development may have slight variations depending on the context in which it is used. The unclear nature of this cοncept has created several approaches to sustainable development that can be grouped into twο: the οrthodοx approach and the heterodox approaches that have emerged from criticisms of the former.

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